About Us

“NRcouture” is a multi-label company that designs, produces and sells bridal and evening gowns and accessories for them. As of today the company consist of two brands: the popular brand “Natalia Romanova” and the new brand “Sonesta” which was introduced to the Russian fashion industry since the Autumn of 2012.

The main concept of the company is to make fashionable and alluring dresses and clothes for reasonable prices. One of the most important aspects of our products is the undisputed individuality and astonishing quality for a reasonably low price – that is what makes our company unique. For creating our individual designs we employ both young, and experienced and successful professional designers. All of our gowns are adapted for different female body features and sizes, which makes them suitable and pleasant for any woman. At the moment our products are being created in small batches and sent only to official NRcouture redistributors.

Our collections are constantly being updated, our technologies and construction methods are always being modified. As the time passes, we develop new and better techniques, which makes our brand the most favorite among our customers. 

All of our products are made on a specialized factory in Russia. After 13 years of working experience we have gathered and trained a staff of qualified professionals, improved our technologies and expanded our working space to make our dresses even better for our customers.

To protect our customers from fraud, we use a DAT system, with which you can always check the authenticity of the dress you have bought. We care about the quality of the products you buy!